Machesney Park, IL, residents know how to have a good time or blast out of the evening since there are bars and cocktail facilities,spread across the city. There are various types of bars, from family-friendly bars to classic sports bars. You can try the local and imported beers that complement your favorite foods. If you are more of a wine or cocktail fan, there are fantastic options that you can have in some of these bars.

If you are looking for fun, here’s our list of some of the most pleasing bars in Machesney Park,IL.

Attitudes Bar & Grill

Visit the most favorite local bar and have a karaoke night with your friends at Attitudes Bar & Grill. The karaoke starts every night at 8.30 pm. Additionally, in Attitudes Bar & Grill, there are pool tables, darts, and slot machines to keep you entertained through the night. Located at 10124 N 2nd Street, this bar offers various beers and classic cocktails!

Crazy Times Pub & Grub

Crazy Times Pub & Grub is where you can have quality food with great drinks. It serves various comfort foods, including burgers, sandwiches, pizza, wings, wraps, and many more. You can enjoy the full-service bar that offers beers and cocktails on the outdoor patio. Appreciate your night with local artists performing at Crazy Times Pub & Grub. This bar also has slot machines to guarantee a great time!

Legends Sports Bar & Grill

The best bar to watch sports games is the Crazy Times Pub & Grub. Located at 618 Superior Ave, Legends Sports Bar & Grill offers a classic sports bar with multiple big screens to enjoy the game. You don’t want to miss their homemade pizza made with fresh dough. The beer choices complement the pizza. Guarantee you will be at this bar to watch every game.

Rascals Bar & Grill

Owned by the Sterling Family for over 40 years, Rascals Bar & Grill serves fresh and tasty foods and a fantastic selection of drinks. Try the award-winning menu, Thai Chicken Wrap, which consists of chicken marinated in a sweet chili sauce with lettuce, pineapple, cilantro, and sour lime cream. The pub-style beers will make you order that again and again.

Casey’s Pub

Try the best sandwich at Casey’s Pub. You will find the best food and drinks with a fantastic atmosphere. It is a popular place for locals to go on Friday night, so embrace the vibrant, packed full place. This bar also has local artists performing to keep you dancing through the night. Order the brisket burger, and you will be satisfied!

Backyard Grill & Bar

Backyard Grill & Bar serves American-style foods and drinks. It is a family-friendly bar that you can take your family with you. They have various delicious foods such as burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and many more. Backyard Grill & Bar offers plenty of beer options, including domestic, imported, and draft beers. They also have great wine selections and many classic cocktails if you are more like a wine or cocktail lover.

Neighbors Bar & Gaming

Come and enjoy the night with cold beers and slot machines at Neighbors Bar & Gaming. This bar has an interesting menu, including Frisco Burger, served on grilled sourdough bread with bacon, American and Swiss cheese, grilled onions, tomato, and 1000 island dressing. Of course, cold beer is the top choice, but they also have a wide selection of wines such as Riesling, White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Moscato, and many more.

Make Sure to Have Fun

There are many tourists who like to travel from across the country to visit Machesney. Visit the bars and meet the locals to experience the atmosphere of Machesney Park, IL. Most bars have pool tables, darts, and slot machines to keep you entertained all night. You also want to attend the local artists’ performances in some of the bars. So visit Machesney Park, and don’t forget to have fun!

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