Rockford, IL is not as hyped as its neighbor Chicago, but that doesn’t mean this city is quiet or boring. Quite the opposite. It’s not too big but it’s lively, with a thriving art scene, and a great selection of restaurants and charming shops – especially if you’re in search of upscale vintage items. Oh, and if you want to grab a drink and maybe a bite to eat? Well, Rockford will amaze you with its wide selection of bars and pubs.

Want to go on a tour of the best bars and pubs in the second-largest city in Illinois? Then keep on reading because we’re showcasing the best bars and pubs in Rockford, Illinois!

Oasis Micro-Pub

Referred to by the locals as a “beer lover’s paradise,” the Oasis Micro-Pub opened its doors in 2007 and has since become known for its amazing selection of beers and great atmosphere. They serve the finest craft beers and microbrews in the Rockford, Illinois area. Beer enthusiasts from neighboring towns flock to this place to enjoy their vast selection of rare beers on tap.

Ernie’s Midtown Pub

Whenever you find yourself in midtown Rockford, IL, be sure to make a stop at Ernie’s Midtown Pub. A great pub to grab a brew and something great to eat. The easy-going laid-back atmosphere at Ernie’s will surely win you over. If you’re going with a group of friends, make sure everyone takes a round of drinks – this place has an exceptional selection of beers, and non-alcoholic refreshments as well.

Rural On Tap

A very special kind of pub, Rural On Tap is one of the most unique places you can get a drink in Rockford, Illinois. They have an amazing selection of beers on tap as well as spirits, and if you want a cocktail, you can pick one from their vast selection of artisan mixes. Established by Matt and Jamie who own several other facilities, Rural On Tap is proud to describe itself as a fun place to visit. Yup, while mixing drinks is considered serious business by Matt and Jamie, enjoying those drinks is supposed to be an entertaining and fun experience. You have to check this place out!

Murphy’s Irish Pub and Grill

When you’re out for a drink, you might as well get a bite to eat. That’s basically the philosophy behind Murphy’s Irish Pub and Grill, one of the more relaxed and down-to-earth places in Rockford, Illinois. It has all the ingredients of a perfect pub, from the superb selection of beers and whiskey to the free pool and great food.

A lively place, just like a real Irish pub should be. Every night of the week has something special to offer, from tacos and Jameson to karaoke and chicken wings. Remember to be responsible while having fun, because Murphy’s is the kind of pub where you can easily go overboard.

Don’t Stop Pub Crawlin’

The places we listed here are just a fraction of what the city of Rockford, Illinois has to offer. You are advised to go bar-hopping and pub crawling on your own but remember – drink responsibly and eat wisely. Rockford has plenty of watering holes to get your drink on, and maybe you’ll discover your new favorite brew.

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