The town of Greenville, WI is located in the heart of Midwestern United States. A warm and inviting community where family life is cherished, and wholesome values of hard work and kindness are appreciated by all.

The local community knows how to appreciate nature and loves outdoor pastime activities. The Greenville Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department manages 12 parks spread across 220 acres of land, as well as more than five miles of recreational trails. We’re highlighting some of the best parks and amenities this town has to offer. Let’s go for a walk!

Jennerjohn Park

This 25-acre park is located in the developed part of Greenville, WI. A great park for walks, trails, and various recreational activities depending on the season. In the wintertime, there’s fun for the whole family on its ice skating rink and sledding hills. When the weather is warmer, you can get into sports on its tennis courts, basketball field and casual baseball field.

Like every great park, Jennerjohn also has a playground for kids. Plenty of facilities, including grills, picnic tables, kitchen pavilion, restrooms and even off street parking. This is the kind of park where you can spend the entire day!

Appletree Square

This 2-acre park is located across Highway 15 from the much larger Jennerjohn Park. Its recreational trails run through the park, while a tunnel runs under the highway straight to Jennerjohn Park.

Although minimalistic, this park has everything you need if you’re up for a brisk walk or a light run. One of its best features is that it is connected to its neighboring Jennerjohn Park, so you could even go on a hike from one park to another.

Community Park

It’s no wonder that a family-friendly town that thrives on its community spirit has a park simply named Community Park. And it really is a great place for the entire family, especially kids. This fully developed 20 acre park is primarily used by Greenville Youth Sports for their youth baseball and softball programs.

Apart from its baseball and softball fields, Community Park also has a tennis court, several basketball courts, a playground, restrooms, a pavilion with a kitchen and recreational trails.

Greenville Sports Complex

This sports complex – or athletic park – is located across 77 acres of minimally developed land, while 13 acres have been seeded into open play areas that are used by Fox Cities United Soccer and their youth soccer program.

A master development plan has been developed for this property that includes five baseball and softball fields, soccer fiends, Heritage garden, basketball courts, tennis courts, nature and walking trails and pavilions. Greenville Sports Complex is also known as Field of Dreams by the locals, showing their passion for baseball.

Lions Park

The 57 acre park is located on the south side of the developed part of Greenville, WI. Founded by the Greenville Lions Club, this park is still being developed but already it has many outstanding features, including a bug amphitheater that can seat up to 10,000 people.

This location is often used for large regional events. The perfect getaway from the more urban area of Greenville and its many bars and restaurants. It has two outdoor and one indoor kitchen pavilion, restroom, a playground, open play areas and easily accessible off-street parking.

Walking Around Greenville, WI

When you come to Greenville, WI, be sure to check out its parks. During the winter months you can enjoy ice skating or sledding, and when the weather is warm you can always go on a trail run and then settle down for a nice picnic.

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