A roofing contractor examines storm damage on a roof.

Every year, the weather can’t be predicted. The storm mostly causes inevitable damage to your property. The best way to keep your family and property safe during the storm is to take precautionary measures. Prevention is always the key to avoiding having thousands of dollars bills worth of storm damage. This blog provides information about preparing to protect your home from storm damage.

Do a Roof Inspection

A roof should be the shield for your home to defy the most severe weather. However, wind-driven rain may cause more damage to your home during storm season when you don’t check your roof condition beforehand. It is essential to check any roof tiles, siding, and shingles. If your shingles are damaged, they will be swept by the wind. This then will be a gap for the wind to start ruining and doing more damage to your home. Not only shingles but sheathing and nails that got loose may cause the roof material to be damaged, creating holes for water to enter your home. If you notice your home needs a roof repair, it’s best to call a professional to get it done. Also, don’t forget to keep your gutters clean to keep the water flowing away from your home.

Inspect Your Window and Door Seal

The only thing wind needs to rip off your roof is a small opening or hole. If you notice that your window is foggy, it means that your window seals are broken. With broken window seals, your window may not be strong enough once exposed to storm-level air pressure and clash, which cause water damage. Make sure to check your window seal and get it repaired before the storm comes.

Trim and Prune Your Tree

Trees are the most common cause of home damage after a storm. When the storm hits, it is most likely that your untrimmed tree will knock over your roof and windows. Surprisingly removing your tree does not always minimize the risk of storm damage. The trick is to have trees that protect your homes from storms. Trees will be a potential risk when you don’t check the condition of your trees. Dead or damaged trees will definitely snap because they are weak and very vulnerable. If you have a leaning tree branch hanging over your roof, it has a high risk of falling over and creating significant damage to your home. A tree that is not adequately pruned can also be unstable. Not only the branches of the tree but undeveloped root structure that is not strongly rooted in the ground is at a high risk of causing damage. Trimming and pruning a tree by yourself can be dangerous, so it is better to leave it to professionals to handle your tree.

Secure Your Outdoor Furniture and Vehicles

Your garden needs to be packed before the storm comes. Whether it is your outdoor furniture or your grill equipment, they can be a potential risk to damage your home. Those things will turn into projectiles when the storm hits. Also, the storm will come with wind and debris, most likely damaging your car. So, don’t forget to move your car or any vehicles to the garage. If you don’t have a garage, make sure your car and vehicles are not parked near trees or power lines.

Check Your Sump Pump

Checking your sump pump might be essential to prepare you for the storm and prevent severe storm damage. A sump pump functions to remove the excess water caused by the storm and is usually installed in your basement. When the excess water on the ground travels down to the sump pit that is filled with water, it activates the sump pump float to switch and automatically turns the pump on. Sump pumps help prevent flooding and keep your foundation structure undamaged and uncracked.

Always Be Prepared

Even though, in the end, we never know how the storm can impact your home, it is always better to take precautions to make sure your family is safe during the storm season. If you notice your home needs work, Pro Restoration LLC is ready to help you prepare your home to face storm damage. We are a Rockford roofing contractor that will provide your roof’s needs before the storm hits.