Close-up view of new shingles on a textured asphalt shingle roof with a company's logo in the corner.

Are you dealing with an aged and damaged roof, and do you know it’s high time for a new one? You may be intimidated by the prospect of a complete roof replacement. Not only do roof replacements take time and disrupt your daily life, but they also represent a significant investment that you’d perhaps rather skip.

Isn’t there an easier way? Isn’t installing shingles on top of the old ones a viable option?

What Is Reroofing?

Adding new shingles on top of the old ones isn’t that uncommon. This practice is called reroofing, reshingling, or installing a roof overlay. Instead of tearing off the old shingles in a complete roof replacement and installation process, your team of roofers installs new ones directly over them.

Are you wondering how to reshingle a roof? In this scenario, your roofing team will:

  • Thoroughly inspect the roof to ensure that it’s a good candidate for reroofing.
  • Clean your existing roof, ensuring no debris is present when installing shingles.
  • Make minor repairs to damaged shingles to create a smooth working surface on which new shingles can be laid.
  • Install new underlayment.
  • Proceed to lay the new asphalt roof shingles, similar to shingling a roof in any situation.

The Benefits of Reshingling a Roof

Installing brand new asphalt roof shingles over your existing roof has significant advantages, whether you hope to save time or money.

If you have ever considered how to put shingles on a roof, you may know that the old shingles are completely torn off during standard roof replacements. This process takes time and creates debris which will have to be disposed of in a dumpster. If your roof is an excellent candidate for a roof overlay, you will save money, go through less hassle, and enjoy a new roof more quickly.

Reroofing can help an aging roof last longer, and the continued presence of your old shingles can even add an additional layer of insulation that makes your home more energy efficient.

However, it’s important to note that reshingling a roof isn’t possible in all cases. As your roofers plan how to install roof shingles over your existing roof, they have to think about your roof’s weight-bearing capacity and local building codes. Homeowners, meanwhile, may discover that the look of a reshingled roof doesn’t align with their vision.

Interested in Installing Shingles Over Your Existing Roof?

Do you love the sound of a new shingle roof? Do you need a quick solution after sustaining roof damage, or do you hope to extend an aging roof’s lifespan by installing new shingles on top?

Reroofing may be the solution you have been waiting for, and the Pro Restoration team is happy to assess whether your property is a good candidate. If you want a leading roofing contractor in Rockford, IL, to assess your roof and advise you about reshingling, give us a call today. You could have a new shingle roof before you know it!