What do you think about a short history class for the end of the week? It will be fun, we promise. Learning new things is always a great decision, right? And learning, in itself, is a process that no one can escape from. Now that we’ve convinced you that learning is great, let’s get down to business.

Today, we will talk about the small town of Loves Park in the US state of Illinois or, to be more precise, about its history. But before we learn something about its past, let’s get acquainted with its present.

Loves Park Today

Loves Park – what a lovely name for a town! It is no wonder people call it the Heart of the Midwest and the City with a Heart because we all know that love and heart always come together.

First of all, this is a town for the ones who are all about that family life. It is a great place for raising your children – another heart-melting fact. It seems that the end of the week is not only reserved for history classes, but also for emotions.

All right, let’s get back to our theme now! Official City Administration web page describes it as a flourishing residential, commercial, and industrial community in northern Illinois, located 80 miles Northwest of Chicago with a lot of attractions to see. “Whether you are looking for a state park for boating and fishing, renown educational facilities, a booming commercial and industrial sector, or a minor league baseball game, Loves Park is a close-knit community that offers it all,” is stated in the official announcement.

Its positive sides are low costs of living, a small-town atmosphere, and easy access to Chicago. Loves Park has a population of 23.7 thousand people and even though this puts it in a group of smaller towns, Loves Park definitely has a long and rich history behind its back.

Loves Park History Facts

We won’t bother you with long hard facts but instead, we will write about five interesting historical facts that made Loves Park as it is today. Are you ready?

1. It all started in 1901 when Rockford industrialist and civic leader Malcolm Love purchased a 236-acre tract of land along the Rock River. Love’s property served as a gathering place for social events for several of his industrialist friends and became known as Love’s Park.

2. From 1947 to 1949, a fire department, police department, and city hall were established with the help of volunteer contributions. The commercial and industrial sectors continued to rise throughout this period.

3. The 1950s brought modern growth to Loves Park. The city became a fully functional community, with a variety of amenities including a train station, grocery stores, food markets, a library, churches, restaurants, and gas stations.

4. In the 1950s, the Loves Park Toll Bridge, which crossed the Rock River at Riverside Boulevard and linked the city to Rockford, was built as a symbol of the growth and success of Loves Park.

5. Loves Park had one great aspect – the lack of a municipal property tax. Still true today!

See, we told you that it wouldn’t be hard or boring. Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you in our next history class. Enjoy your weekend!

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