How to Choose a Reliable Roofing Contractor in Rockton, IL

Most roofing companies nowadays use similar materials, tools, and techniques. But why are so many roofs in such poor conditions then?

Because it’s not about the car; it’s about the driver. Put two drivers in identical cars and let them race. The better driver will win every time.

The same is with roofing.

That’s why it’s crucial to find a reliable contractor to drive you from problem to solution safely.

And we’ll reveal how to decide who should get access to the vital part of your home. Read on!


Ask Specific Questions

By asking specific questions, you can learn everything you need to know. And not just when it comes to roof replacements but when it comes to any type of roofing project you may need.

Here are some of the questions you can ask while talking to potential roofers for your project:

  • Are you licensed to do this work in my area? – That’s why homeowners choose local roofers.
  • Do you take photos during and after the project? – It means they care about the quality of their work.
  • Will you give me a written estimate after the inspection? – That protects you from massive unexpected expenses.
  • Do you give any warranty? – The better the warranty, the more trustworthy the contractor.
  • Do you work with our insurance to file claims? – Local roofers are more likely to be familiar with your insurance company.
  • How many employees do you have, and how many projects do you take? – To check if they spread themselves too thin.


Ask How They Got Into the Roofing Business

It’s all about trust. The questions above will help determine if the contractor knows your area and their job. But sometimes, it’s good to ask about their mission and vision.

There’s nothing wrong if they tell you that they’ve picked roofing because of the money in it. But from the choice of words (regardless if you’re speaking to the owner of a sales representative), you can find out a lot about the contractor.

If they don’t have a clear answer, they either don’t know or don’t care. You want to find a contractor who cares about the work and clients. The best alternative for that is to read reviews from previous clients.

Roofers who make people happy are more likely to make you happy. That’s why the next thing is crucial.


Ask For References

Ask your potential roofers for references. Those are proof of their experience and expertise. It doesn’t have to be that a new contractor doesn’t know how to work. But people usually trust those who can show them how they’ve helped someone in a similar situation.

If you ask to call some of their previous clients, and the contractor gives you a bunch of phone numbers – you’re probably good to go. They wouldn’t connect you to previous clients if they weren’t confident about their work.


Ask About Their Services and Area of Work

99 out of 100 times, local roofing companies will do a better job than companies that work everywhere or those that are out of state. So ask your potential contractor about their specialization and area of work. If they tell you they cover the whole US and do everything from foundations to ridges, look for someone else.

It’s one thing if a company does everything roofing-related. But if they claim to be local and work in 10 surrounding states, find someone who spends their time in your area. That means they have more experience with climate, insurance, materials, traffic, and everything else.


Aks About the Biggest Issue They Had

This might seem irrelevant, but if you ask your roofing contractor about the biggest problem they faced, you’ll test their honesty.

“We never have any problems. Everything is always more than perfect.” – run away.

“We once ordered the wrong type of shingles, so the project lasted a day longer, but we covered the cost of new shingles” – you can be sure they’re honest, and they aim to do the job while keeping their clients satisfied.


And if you get in touch with our local Rockton roofers at Pro Restoration LLC, with years of experience and a spotless track record, you can be sure that we’ll take the best care of you and your roof.