Most Common Problems in Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs are a category for themselves. Every roof, even the small one for the shed in the backyard, needs to be well-built. But when a roof is supposed to protect your business, it must be perfect.

You can’t settle for anything else if you don’t want to experience the problems we’ll go through now. And no, you can’t blame your old roofer for everything. Number 3 depends on you.

Wrong Materials and Poor Installation

Those are actually 2 problems, but they usually come in the same package. Sadly, some roofers do their work just to be done, not to make it perfect. Such contractors don’t waste too much time checking which materials are the best for each client.

They don’t care if they notice many tiny problems while working on a roof. And people get disappointed in the whole industry after dealing with one or two contractors who don’t really care about their needs.

So to avoid that rising problem, you must find a reliable roofing contractor. That doesn’t assure your roof will be in perfect condition forever… But at least you’ll know you can trust and count on your roofer.

Lack of Maintenance

Once a roof is installed, people forget about it. For years. And then, when replacing the whole thing is the only option, those people are in shock. You can’t expect something to last forever if you don’t give it any attention.

Would a car that never goes to service last for 30 years? No, it wouldn’t.

And it’s not like roof inspections are the most expensive service ever. Most roofers offer them for free. So there’s no excuse for letting your roof suffer.

Improper Maintenance

Do you know what’s worse than 0 maintenance? A lot of improper maintenance. Improper handling wars down the materials. And sometimes, less experienced roofers decide to repair roofs that don’t need any repairs. That’s always a waste of money.

But sometimes, the loss has additional consequences. Let’s say a contractor decides to replace your flashings and doesn’t install new ones properly – your roof would suddenly have a bunch of weak links.


The combination of the first 3 issues with winds causes headaches to owners of commercial buildings. When wind hits the side of a building with a flat roof, it continues moving over the roof and creates a suction effect.

The weakest parts of the roof are blown off (hence the name), which sometimes causes additional damage. But more of that in the next issue.

Punctures (and Other Mechanical Damage)

Commercial roofs are handy because they create additional space owners can use. But using the roof as a parking lot tests it. Every day. Things fall down and damage the surface over time. Even walking can cause damage on some flat roofs.

Remember blow-offs? If the wind pulls out something heavy and starts throwing it around the roof, you’ll need to call your roofer and the insurance company.

Pooling Water

Another common yet terrifying problem with commercial roofs is pooling water. It happens on roofs that don’t have enough slope or good/clean drainage.

No matter how waterproof the roof is, react if you notice a pond on it after rain. Water sitting on top of the roof adds weight to the building. Like that’s not enough, in most cases, pooling water leads to the last commercial roofing problem on this list.

That one is scary.


Leaks are the worst nightmare of everyone who owns a roof. Noticing a leak means your roof is in terrible condition (or at least part of it). However, there are early signs of leaks, meaning you don’t have to wait until the water starts pouring through the ceiling.

Look for stains on the walls and blistering paint. Hope you don’t find any. But if you do, don’t panic. Call Machesney Park roofers with many commercial projects under the belt.