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Choosing a fresh, up-to-date style is one of the most exciting things about remodeling or renovating — but shingle colors are a particularly significant decision. If you’re gearing up for a roof replacement, your choice will impact your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic for decades to come.

You might lean toward continuity, but if “new roof, new look” sums up your attitude toward your roof replacement, you might fall in love with one of the shingle colors we’ll look at. This guide takes a peek at the most popular architectural shingles colors of 2023, and we’ll also discuss what to consider before choosing a shingle color for your home.

The Most Popular Shingle Colors: A Closer Look at the Winners

Homeowners continued to opt for timeless classics in 2023. While regional variations should be taken into account, US homeowners still prefer traditional shingle colors:

  • Onyx black shingles contrast beautifully with white or gray siding.
  • Shades of gray give traditional brick houses a timeless charm.
  • Brown shingles usually fall into the warm color spectrum, as they are coated with orange, red, and yellow granules. They complement craftsman-style bungalows with gray, blue, or brightly colored siding.
  • Sandy or beige tones are more popular in coastal areas, whereas white shingles create a neutral, clean look that repels heat.

Are you interested in a contemporary look that still retains a sort of classic charm? Picking carefully is essential — durability is one of the 6 benefits of asphalt roof shingles, and your chosen color may last three decades or more.

If you opt for Owens Corning shingles, you’ll find plenty of tantalizing options — including brand-new Owens Corning shingle colors that arrived on the market in 2023.

Owens Corning named Midnight Plum — a beautiful dark shingle color that blends dark plum tones with richer highlights — its most popular roof shingles color of the year 2023. This versatile color perfectly complements almost any home. With its array of shades, Midnight Plum allows homeowners to add playful accents to their exterior for a polished look that beautifully complements their roof.

The other Owens Corning shingle colors newly added in 2023 include Peppercorn (black with subtle yellow highlights), Sandcastle, and Desert Rose (a beautiful celebration of Earthy tones). Meanwhile, Black Sable, Aged Copper, and Summer Harvest continue to be some of the most frequently-chosen shingle colors.

How to Choose Your Ideal Shingle Color

With so many shingle colors to choose from, making the right decision may seem like a challenge. The best shingle color for you is one that beautifully contrasts with your home’s exterior and one you love — but there is more to consider.

Homeowners’ Associations may have rules about permissible shingle colors, so check first if you have your heart set on a particular style. Always consider your home’s curb appeal and resale value as you select the best shingle color for your new roof, too. Classic shingle colors with a contemporary touch are often the safest choice for property owners likely to sell their homes in the future.

Finally, shingle colors significantly impact energy efficiency; it’s why you often see lighter colors in hotter regions, while homeowners in cooler areas usually opt for darker tones.

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