Take your kids to explore and learn at the museums, in and around Machesney Park, IL. Machesney Park has a history that has contributed to its present day greatness although there are not well preserved historical sites here. Machesney Park is a suburb of Rockford. While there may not be places within the immediate vicinity of Machesney Park you can visit several museums in the wider Rockford area.

There are museums near Machesney Park that can be reached in than 14 minutes.

Discovery Center Museum

Bring your children for a blend of science, adventure and education at the Discovery Center Museum, a 10 minute drive from Machesney Park. This hands on childrens science museum offers over 300 exhibits for your little ones to enjoy. Spanning across 23,000 feet this museum delves into fields such as science, technology, engineering and math through engaging exhibitions.

Burpee Museum of Natural History

Immerse yourselves in history with your children at the Burpee Museum of Natural History located 6 miles away from Machesney Park. This museum focuses on the exploration of our world with an emphasis, on paleontology. Here you’ll have the chance to meet the preserved juvenile T. Rex ever discovered.
You can also have the opportunity to encounter a variety of animals including snakes, turtles, tegus, geckos and lizards.

Ethnic Heritage Museum

Explore the Ethnic Heritage Museum to delve into the history of immigrants settling in Rockford. This museum offers insights, into the lives of African Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian and Polish communities from the past. Engage with exhibits featuring artifacts, maps and historical photographs. Additionally you can visit The Graham Ginestra House Museum nearby which provides an overview of Rockfords history. The museums are a 12 minute drive away from Machesney Park.

Rockford Art Museum

Art enthusiasts will be delighted by the Rockford Art Museum situated 13 minutes from Machesney Park. It is a public art museum that welcomes visitors free of charge. Discover an array of genres including American Masters, Contemporary Glass Artworks Modern and Contemporary pieces well as New Acquisitions and Photography collections. Notable artworks on display include “Zoology of the Mind” “Extrapolations of the Epicycloid” “Palace of Desire” “Untitled” “Portrait of Anne Morgan Horsman” “Portrait of Charles Imeson Horsman” “Trail Ends Marker II” “Duke of Wellington”, among others.

Midway Village Museum

Explore the history of Rockford at the Midway Village Museum. Immerse yourself in the captivating story of how the United States entered World War I in 1917 focusing on the Camp Grant. This museum provides a timeline of these historical events and showcases the profound impact they had on Rockford. Additionally Midway Village Museum delves into how African Americans brought a diversity to Camp Grant offering a perspective that shouldn’t be missed.

Learn and Have Fun

Discover an array of museums, within a 14 minute drive from Machesney Park. From museums to art galleries, natural history exhibits to science and technology centers. There’s something for everyone! Spend a Sunday morning with your children combining fun and learning at these museums. Alternatively plan a date with your loved ones at an art museum. With numerous options available, make it a point to visit the museums, around Machesney Park!

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