A man using auto tools to install a shingle on a roof.

Have you ever looked at a well-built, carefully maintained roof and been impressed by its unexpected beauty? Expertly-laid roofs are more than a collection of roofing materials. They’re a foundational piece of a secure and protected home your family can thrive in.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t allay the stress many homeowners face when they prepare for a Greenville roofing replacement. Any large job that represents a significant investment, along with some disruptions to your everyday life, can be stressful — but being forewarned means being forearmed, right?

Read this guide to discover how Pro Restoration, a seasoned Greenville roof replacement contractor, goes about installing a brand new roof, from the time our crew rolls up to your property to the moment we leave you to enjoy your new roof for decades to come.

1. Stripping the Old Shingles

All Greenville roof replacements begin with stripping the old roof. That means your roof replacement contractor will detach shingles as well as worn drip edging and valley flashing and place these materials into the dumpster we’ll bring onsite. Where necessary, we’ll make minor repairs to your roof deck to ensure your new roof is as durable as possible.

Don’t worry — our Greenville roof replacement company takes every possible precaution to protect your property during the roof replacement process. Specialized tarps and coverings shield your yard, plants, and outdoor furniture from damage during your Greenville roofing replacement project.

2. Installing Your New Roof’s Underlayment

Before your roof replacement contractors in Greenville, WI, can proceed with laying your new shingles, we’ll expertly install a waterproof underlayment. This layer protects your roof deck from rainy weather and contributes to an energy-efficient home. A starter strip, which secures the first row of shingles, follows.

Another part of roofing replacement Greenville, WI, residents may not be familiar with is installing new drip edging and valley flashing to direct water away from your property if the current materials are damaged.

3. Installing Your New Roof

The part most homeowners will be most excited about — laying your new shingles — is next. As an experienced and customer-focused roof replacement contractor Greenville residents can trust, we’ll have helped you select the best roofing solution for your home already. Now, we install it.

Starting at the bottom, our roofers work their way up to the ridge cap, the very top of the roof, using different techniques around roof penetrations like chimneys and skylights. Watching our roof replacement company in action shows that we’ve got the installation process down to an art. We’ll be done before you know it.

4. Apply Flashing

Our Greenville roof replacement contractors apply flashing to ensure the most vulnerable areas of your roof — your chimneys, skylights, and vents — are waterproof.

5. Final Inspection and Cleanup

Like all reliable roof replacement companies, Pro Restoration carries out a meticulous final roof inspection before the roof replacement project is complete. If everything is satisfactory, our roof replacement contractors clean up after ourselves, making sure the only thing that’s different about your property is your beautiful new roof.

Seasoned Roof Replacement Contractor in Greenville, WI

Do you have an aging, damaged roof, and do you think it’s time to find the right roof replacement contractor in Greenville, WI? Pro Restoration is the roof replacement company Greenville, WI, homeowners can count on!

Our veteran roofers rely on teamwork and expertise to get the job done sooner than you think. Given the right weather conditions, you could have a new roof in just a couple of days.

Call us today for a free estimate for a roofing replacement in Greenville — or to ask any questions you may have. As a family-owned roofing company in Greenville, WI, we understand that your new roof is more than a necessity. It’s a step into the future. Let’s take it together.