A man is working on an Auto Draft tile roof.

Tackling minor roofing repairs as soon as possible is an essential part of your roof maintenance strategy. A timely roof repair ensures your home is fully protected from the elements, prevents small issues from escalating, and can even prolong your roof’s functional lifespan.

Are you still sitting on that one issue? We get it. Homeowners aren’t just concerned about the cost of roof repairs, but they also worry that roofing jobs may disrupt their normal daily activities. Getting a roof repair time estimate puts your mind at ease, and should encourage you to find a reputable roofing contractor in Machesney Park, IL, as soon as possible.

A Look at Common Roof Repairs and Their Estimated Repair Time

Are you gearing up to get minor or more extensive repairs taken care of?

The time it takes to fix your issue depends on a range of factors. We’ll take a closer look later, but for now, here’s a handy overview of average time estimates for the most common types of routine repairs and maintenance steps.

A complete roof replacement can take as little as one to three days — from start to finish! If a roof replacement can be that fast, how much to repair a roof? Let’s dive in!

  • Gutter and drain cleaning: As long as you have your drains and gutters cleaned twice a year, the job should take no more than two to four hours. Don’t remember when you last had your gutters cleaned? Then it may take a little longer.
  • Replacing missing or damaged shingles: You guessed it — the time estimate depends on how many shingles need replacing. If it’s just a few, our expert roofers can do it in less than an hour.
  • Repairing small roof leaks: Leaky roofs can have far-reaching consequences, but if the source is small and isolated, we’ll render your roof watertight again within two to four hours. A more extensive roof leak repair can take longer, however.
  • Repairing damaged flashing, gutters, or drains: Depending on the extent of the problem, and whether the materials can be repaired or require replacing, this minor roof repair job can take as little as an hour or two.


What Impacts the Time of Your Roof Repairs

While we walked you through a quick look at the average time it takes for minor repairs to be carried out, roof repair time estimates depend on numerous factors. These same factors influence one other burning question — how much is roof repair going to cost you?

Weather conditions, the slope of your roof, and the complexity of the repair all impact the required time and cost. For example, replacing roof tiles cost very little if you just have a few missing shingles, but replacing your flashing is a more extensive job.

How much for roof repair will need to be paid all comes down to both labor and materials.

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