A residential house with a shingled roof.

Without a perfect roof, you don’t have a house. You have a box exposed to weather conditions. That alone is the reason to repair every problem as soon as you notice it. But we’ll list 3 more to show you how serious seemingly tiny, irrelevant issues can get.

The Longer You Wait, The More Serious Problems Grow

The roof is the first line of defense of your house. If you neglect it, it will still do what it’s supposed to, but not for a long time. And when it gets damaged, its efficiency will suffer. If you ignore that as well, you’re headed toward a disaster.

Let’s say your flashings are damaged a little. After a free roof inspection, your contractor tells you that you should replace your flashings because they probably aren’t waterproof anymore.

You ignore that and forget about your roof. A couple of months pass, and you decide to check your attic. But the unbearable smell and moisture start torturing your senses as soon as you climb there. You run to your bedroom and check the corner where the ceiling meets your walls. There are some nasty-looking black stains on the wall.

You call your roofer again. They inspect your roof, and you have to face a harsh truth.

The lack of care will cost you more than addressing the problem months ago would. Replacing a flashing is a minor issue. But water damage on your walls isn’t because it shows water penetrating through the deeper layers of your roof to your living area. And that puts everyone in the house at risk. We all know how dangerous mold can be.

Your Roof Will Last Longer

If you take care of your roof and prepare it for every season, you won’t have to get a replacement every 8 years but every 12 or 15 years.

Instead of ignoring all those granules in your gutters, book recoating for your roof. Do that every 4 years, and your shingles will keep the desired properties and last longer. Or if you keep finding parts of cracked shingles all over your property. No, those don’t belong to your neighbor. They are a sign that your roof needs some attention.

Or if moss keeps growing on top of your roof and you let it because it looks cool, it will cause you a leak sooner than later, and leaks are the destroyers of roofs. There are numerous other problems your roof could face too. That’s not an issue because there are people specialized in repairing roofs, but not calling your contractor when you have a problem is the real problem.

You probably know someone who never visits doctors and gets bitter when they get sick. Everyone else is to blame but them. And the real reason for their suffering is wrong priorities. If they took regular checkups, problems might still occur, but they’d be simpler to solve.

You Won’t Have Issues With The Insurance Company

People get angry and disappointed when they realize the insurance company won’t cover their roof repair, even though it’s not their fault. Every insurance policy says that they don’t cover Wear and Tear.

That means your insurance provider doesn’t cover expenses caused by the lack of maintenance. In other words, if you could prevent the damage but haven’t, you pay for the roof repair out of your pocket. And don’t think that the insurance company will show any understanding.

If you see some bent or cracked shingles on your roof, don’t wait for the next storm to blow them off. That puts your whole roof in danger because of the domino effect (if one shingle goes missing, more will follow). But you can be sure the insurance guys will use the condition of the remaining shingles against you.

That’s why you absolutely must address every problem as soon as you see it if you want to have the perfect roof and avoid stressing out about financing.

If you pick a local roofer who knows how local insurance companies breathe, you get more than a contractor; you and your house get an ally. And we’re here for you if you want a proven and tested Greenville roofing contractor.