A skilled roofing contractor diligently working on a metal roof replacement.

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing — different roof materials and the amount of maintenance needed. The commercial roof often has a few problems caused by typical reasons, such as weather, improper installation, lack of care, and many more. Having commercial roofing problems in your building will not only intrude on productivity but also can bring health risks that jeopardise anyone in the building.

If you suspect an issue with your commercial roof, four factors can seriously endanger your commercial roof. Read about them carefully since they may help you identify the cause and prevent further damage.

Inadequate installation

When your roof isn’t installed properly, it will most likely create many problems. With inadequate installation, your roof will be assured to have much damage, and the lifespan of your roof will definitely become briefer, which will eventually cost you more with a significant repair or, worse, having your entire roof replaced. Not only damage but having a poorly installed roof is a safety threat. You don’t want any safety issues that will affect the business and the safety of your workers. Your roof installation should be managed by a qualified professional. It’s a project that requires specialty with proper knowledge and experience.

Holes and Leaky Roof

Holes and Leaky roofs are products of other damages, such as structural decay, water damage, soggy insulation, fire hazards, and mold. When the leaky roof starts to form mold, it will continue to spread and ruin your equipment, which later also conveys potential health risks to everyone in the building. It can be seen as a non-threatening problem at first, but one thing is for sure, holes and leaky roofs will only get worse over time. That’s why the common solution to this problem is calling your roofing contractor to fix the damage and make preventive efforts in the future. It is reasonable to schedule a regular inspection to locate potential damage and prevent any issues from evolving.

Storm Damage: Wind & Tree

If you happen to be in the storm’s path, then you have to be cautious for your roof to be blown off. The wind speed during a storm can ruin your roof altogether because it puts pressure on the surface of the roof, which will cause the roof to blow. Another crucial problem generated by the storm is tree damage. It is a typical storm’s aftermath, specifically when your building has tree branches overhanging your roof. During the storm, your tree may ruin or collapse your roof material. To prevent this damage from happening, you can regularly trim your tree branches, especially branches that are too close to your building. We suggest you call a professional to do this because trimming your tree can be tricky and dangerous.

Insufficient Maintenance

One of the common mistakes is people tend to overlook having a roof inspection inspected rather than scheduling regular maintenance. Insufficient maintenance is the reason you don’t realize that there is a potential catastrophe that you may not spot visibly. Doing routine maintenance is a way to save money for you to avoid spending money on major repairs. It is beneficial for your building’s safety and operations, so you can have your business constructively.

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There are always ways to prevent these common issues. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing commercial roof problems, let the professionals help you. Commercial roofing has certain complexity that requires a specific amount of roofers with a certain specialty to fix the damage.

Don’t hesitate to call your Byron commercial roofing company, and let us fix your roof with our skilled and experienced roofers, that will provide quality results for you.