If you’re searching for a destination, for a family vacation I suggest considering a visit to the Village of Machesney Park. This charming village is nestled in Winnebago County, Illinois. Offers plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Its located within the Rockford, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area. If you’re curious to learn more about this town here are some attractions worth exploring;

1. The Millbrook Golf Course

Situated four miles away from Machesney Park, IL, the Machesney Park Cemetery holds intriguing ghost stories. I’ve attempted to capture photographs of the graves. Enough they never develop properly. During my visit I was startled by moaning sounds emanating from the storage area on the sixth floor. An area that used to serve as living quarters for former employees.

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The Nashotah House Theological Seminary stretches across a 59.6 mile length. Is known for its haunted house. According to legends this house has been haunted since the mid 1700s. Its believed that a spirit once resided in the building as an acolyte and his wife had an affair, with one of the seminarys deans. The apparition of this man is said to be connected with another ghost who tragically drowned himself in Lac La Belle lake and left blood stains behind.

If you’re interested, in a tale then the fashioned drugstore is an ideal spot to begin. This pharmacy supposedly harbors seven spirits, one of which is particularly disgruntled with renovations. They call this spirit Steve. There have been accounts of him chasing people and causing items to topple off shelves. A psychic has even been called in to verify these claims. Enough there’s a chance for a public psychic reading at this historic pharmacy—only, for those who are courageous enough to give it a try.

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