Greenville, Wisconsin is a wonderful Midwestern town in Outagamie County. It is one of the 18 cities, towns and villages that form the Fox Cities, all of which are based along the Fox River as it flows from Lake Winnebago northward into Green Bay.

Originally founded in 1848 as Greenville Station, the town changed its name to Becker in 1879 – based on the name of its postmaster, and then settled on the name of Greenville in 1896. Although a town merely based on the fact that it has a population of around 12 thousand inhabitants, Greenville, WI is officially a village – one of the largest in Northwest Wisconsin.

Life in Greenville, Wisconsin is far from a fast-paced urban setting. It is a great place to settle down and enjoy a lifestyle focused on family and community activities. The town or, if you insist, village of Greenville is known as one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. What makes it so great?

Beautiful Midwestern Surroundings

If you want to enjoy the feel of a typical Midwestern American town, Greenville, Wisconsin is the right place for you. The state of Wisconsin is known for its cheese and authentic Midwest feel, and Greenville is pretty much its essence.

The town is settled near the Fox River as it flows from Lake Winnebago into Green Bay, and is surrounded by a pittoresque woodland area and pristine nature. The locals enjoy hiking, nature walks and fishing.

The weather is typical for the Midwest, which means you can experience all four seasons. It does get really hot during the summer, and winters can be harsh with plenty of snow.

Charming Small Town Vibe

The Midwest of the United States has always been popular as a more laid-back but hard-working part of the country, where kindness and wholesome values are appreciated. Greenville, Wisconsin has that spirit and also a typical small town vibe whose charms will easily win you over and make you want to move there.

It’s definitely a rural, suburban area where locals feel safe as the crime rate is low and the people are friendly. But hey, it’s not like you’re disconnected from the outside world – Appleton International Airport is located in Greenville.

Affordable Housing

Real estate prices in Greenville, WI are lower than the national average. The market situation is favorable for new homeowners, which is why there are many family homes in the area. It’s just a great place to live in a house.

While property prices tend to dynamically rise in nearby urban areas, house prices in Greenville, WI remain affordable. Many city dwellers are attracted to this small town, as it offers a great alternative to the stressful big city lifestyle.

Great Schools

One of the main reasons why Greenville, Wisconsin is a great place to settle down and have a family are its schools. The public school system in the area is highly rated, with three elementary schools to choose from: Greenville Elementary, North Greenville Elementary and Greenville Middle School.

The town also has two private schools: Immanuel Lutheran School and St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School, both of which were established by their respected churches. Greenville is a town whose residents have great respect for tradition and family values.

Want to discover more about Greenville?

If you are wondering what it’s like to live in Greenville, our best advice is to visit the town and see for yourself. We’re pretty sure you’ll quickly realize the benefits of Greenville and its cozy atmosphere that make it truly unique.

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